Recent social, political and environmental events have re-shaped how we live and interact with people. Transcend is a new time-based photography and art jewellery project focusing on nature's beauty as a counterbalance to adverse global events: it is a collection that invites quiet repose, presented through a contemporary craft lens.

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Focusing on repetition and beauty found in nature, Transcend seeks comfort in creating something from nothing by leaning into familiar rhythms and modes of practice. The project will invent new forms that transcend their original state, resulting in thoughtful objects presented digitally that reflect time and place.

By slowing down and bringing nature back into focus, this project asks, ‘In times of hardship, what is important? What is meaningful that we can engage within challenging times? How can an individual craft-based practice help facilitate personal as well as broader cultural recovery?’

A conceivable role of a craft-based jewellery artist is to explore societal, environmental and political issues through the process of craft. Reflections and observations can be transformed into emotive objects that can have a positive impact on people. How we respond in current times, will help define who we are as a society for years to come.