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Sim is a Melbourne-based arts professional, producer, and maker with 20 years of experience as a contemporary jeweller, craftsperson, and artist.  While having travelled extensively, she has always been influenced by nature in her work, Sim's current interest is in exploring yearlong time-based projects that respond to the everyday to create extensive conceptual bodies of work. She is represented by Charon Kransen Arts, New York.
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Curating is something Sim has enjoyed doing for over 15 years. Over that time, she has conceptualised, developed and designed exhibitions in Australia and the USA in small to medium arts organisations, galleries, and non-traditional spaces. As a result, Sim has worked with leading artists, craftspeople, curators, and institutions. Sim aims to support, promote, and foster connections between artists—particularly marginalised artists—the arts sector, and the broader public.
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As curator and gallery manager, Sim has written about numerous topics including craft, contemporary jewellery and contemporary art. Her writing skills are building over time, as more writing is developed for her creative practice and advocacy for artists from supported studios. Read on for published essays, articles and conference papers she has produced since the mid-2000s.
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Sim has extensive experience producing and managing complex creative projects including exhibitions, events, and fundraising initiatives for non-profit and academic institutions, most recently at Arts Project Australia. Recent efforts have included Arts Project's fundraising event in collaboration with Leonard Joel, which raised almost $50,000. Recent art installations include Spring 1883. 2017-2019; Pop-up Galleries in Melbourne CBD, 2016 & 2017; and Melbourne Art Fair, 2010-2018.​
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Sim has developed expertise in the arts and craft sector while working, volunteering, and studying in Universities, galleries, and not-for-profit institutions, including Craft Victoria, Melbourne (Board member & volunteer); RMIT University, Melbourne (student); JamFactory: Design + Craftsmanship, Adelaide (associate); Indiana University, Indiana, USA (student & administrator); and currently at Arts Project Australia, Melbourne (Curator & Gallery Manager). 


 Outside her creative practice, Sim has dedicated time to learn about publicity and communications. In a small organisation. you learn on the hop often having to work intuitively, which can often lead to unexpected and innovative outcomes. From writing media releases to setting up, developing, and managing organisational social media profiles, Sim has learned how to develop audiences for her practice and for organisations she has worked for.
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Grants help build artists' careers and support projects within arts organisations. Grant writing is something that comes with being a professional artist, arts manager, and curator. Sim has a lot of experience researching and writing grant applications.
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Sim has experience developing and managing websites (including this one) to promote projects in the arts, as a maker or when working for an arts organisation. Having an accessible and well-designed website is one of the best ways to connect with creatives, peers and the broader community.


Whether you're an artist, arts administrator or arts organisation, developing good policies and procedures is crucial to thriving, not just surviving. Having a clear framework and guidelines that still allows for agility and growth, is essential to steer your organisation and art practice in the right direction.
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