Momentarily Here


Momentarily Here was a year-long photography and art jewellery project. A selection of new work from this exploration was presented in a two-person show titled 'Keepsake' with painter Kirrily Hammond at Bundoora Homestead and was featured as part of the Radiant Pavilion program in Melbourne in August 2017.

In 2008 Sim began time-based investigations that attempt to find meaning in the everyday.


The first project, The Temporary Nature of Things (2008) idealistically looked for beauty in the everyday, distilling daily observations into 366 jewellery pieces and artist books.


The second, These Moments Existed (2013) explored ideas of ambivalence and melancholy, by taking 365 digital photos that inspired a collection of wood and paper contemporary jewellery, which was ambiguous or ephemeral.


The third, It's Always Darkest Just Before Dawn (2015) was a contemporary multidisciplinary exhibition that explored the significance of handmade objects at a time when people were engrossed in digital culture and mass-produced products. It explored the creation of authentic representations, starting with digital images, photos and video documentation of Sim's surroundings that informed the creation of contemporary art jewellery.


Momentarily Here (2017) continued Sim's search for meaning in everyday moments that she captured on her camera phone. Her observations don't attempt to capture the perfect moment in a day. On the contrary, given the chaos in the world, this daily habit was an effort to pause, connect and reflect—even for the briefest moment. Without this gesture, most of the moments would go unnoticed and would be lost to time. They are not important signifiers that define one day from another, so much as they are the moment Sim reconnects with the present and takes note of her surrounds. They are one person's path through life, across one year. In the end, what remains is one version of her life lived; significant or not, recorded on her camera phone, then on social media, and meticulously saved, titled, dated, and archived in folders on her computer before transforming them into printed photographs and jewellery.


"We live in a highly mediated society where the online world is arguably replacing a more authentic, tactile one. We constantly upload photos and amass ubiquitous objects to validate our existence and create memories of ideal experiences. We live in the past and create unrealistic expectations for our future, leaving us in a general state of ambivalence and melancholy." - Sim Luttin, 2015



JANUARY: 1-31 2017

FEBRUARY: 1-28 2017

MARCH: 1-31 2017

APRIL: 1-30 2017

MAY: 1-31 2017

JUNE: 1-30 2017

JULY: 1-31 2017

AUGUST: 1-31 2017

SEPTEMBER: 1-30 2017

OCTOBER: 1-31 2017

NOVEMBER: 1-30 2017

DECEMBER: 1-31 2017

2107 artwork created for Keepsake at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, inspired by the 'Momentarily Here' piece a day series.

I respectfully acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, the traditional custodians of the land on which I create and exhibit art. I pay my respects to Elders past and present, as well as to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the wider Melbourne community and beyond. Indigenous sovereignty has never been ceded. I acknowledge that I work and live on country on which Members and Elders of The Wurundjeri people and their forebears have been custodians for many centuries and on which Aboriginal People have performed age-old ceremonies of celebration, initiation and renewal. I acknowledge their living culture and their unique role in the life of this region.

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