Sim has experience developing and managing websites to promote projects in the arts, as a maker or as an arts organisation. Having an accessible and well-designed website is one of the best ways to connect with the arts sector and the broader community. Utilising pre-existing templates to create, design and promote activities in the arts can provide a professional edge for your next project.



ROLES: Steering Committee, Volunteer, Website Manager & Design (style guide created by Print Ideas), Social Media Manager

VENUE: Various Venues, Flinders Lane, Melbourne, AUS

PARTNER ORGANISATIONS: ARC ONE Gallery, Arts Project Australia, Craft Victoria, fortyfivedownstairs, Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

PROJECT MANAGED BY: Global Art Projects
NATURE OF THE EVENT: To develop and present a Melbourne art event 18-21 August 2016 to showcase curated exhibitions, talks and experiences



FLAIR was a Melbourne art event 18-21 August 2016 that showcased a series of curated exhibitions, talks and experiences at the top end of Flinders Lane. FLAIR was presented by ARC ONE Gallery, Craft, fortyfivedownstairs, Arts Project Australia Collins Place Pop-up (supported by NKN and Gandel Philanthropy), Sofitel Melbourne on Collins and Global Art Projects. FLAIR was managed by Global Art Projects and was supported by Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Print Ideas, Art Guide Australia, and Zilla and Brook Publicity.


ROLES: Website Manager, Editor & Design



My work is tinged with nostalgia and melancholy: it delves into nuances of the everyday and results in reflections that are conceptually engaging and beautiful. Through my work, I challenge self-imposed paradigms by physically recording and recreating her daily experiences and environment, allowing time to reflect on aspects of the human condition. I wanted my website to reflect this and clearly communicate what I do, as a maker and as an arts professional more broadly. This is the website I built using a template that I adapted to my needs.



ROLES: Volunteer Website Manager & Design (style guide created by monoprint), Volunteer Social Media Manager

REPRESENTED: Approx. 40 artists

PROJECT MANAGED BY: Arts Project Australia in partnership with The University of Melbourne
NATURE OF THE EVENT: Promote an international outsider art conference



Arts Project Australia partnered with The University of Melbourne, to present an international conference held at The University of Melbourne 
23 – 26 October 2014, titled Contemporary Outsider Art: The Global Context.


Forty years after the term ‘Outsider art’ was coined by Roger Cardinal to encompass works by untrained artists who work outside the established art world, new paradigms and definitions are being sought. The current enthusiasm for these forms of expression culminated in Massimiliano Gioni’s 2013 Venice Biennale, which dedicated several exhibits to self-taught or Outsider artists. Reviewing the Biennale in Art and America, Travis Jeppesen wrote ‘the success of Gioni’s bold production signals a move beyond ‘the contemporary’ as the default category we have relied upon for far too long’. Such comments demonstrate the timeliness of this topic and the potential for this conference to contribute to and enrich our understanding of contemporary culture at the broadest level.


The increased interest in Outsider art, however, raised a number of significant questions in response to which Contemporary Outsider Art: The Global Context proposed an inter-disciplinary exploration of the field, drawing on the experience and knowledge of Australian and international artists, collectors, curators and scholars. The conference comprised keynote addresses, sessions of 30-minute papers and round-table discussions where presenters from different disciplines and backgrounds will engage with the topics relating to the three major themes of the conference:


> The Practices of Outsider Artists

> Collections of Outsider Art and Curated Exhibitions

> Outsider Art History and Theory