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The beauty in unravelling emerges as a powerful force in this new collection.


The beauty in unravelling emerges as a powerful force in Undone. Within the turmoil of this collapsed state, a process of unsettling self-discovery, reflection, and renewal gradually unfolds.

Life's complexity often necessitates shedding layers that no longer serve us, and the act of coming undone unveils a personal evolution and authenticity. As familiar threads loosen, a space for growth emerges, fostering a more genuine self, revised connections and the emergence of hope. Rather than retreating and succumbing to dread, a portrait of resilience and strength takes shape.

Amid the chaos, an inherent order surfaces—a reorganisation of routines, values and aspirations. Coming undone becomes an empowering experience, an opportunity to release what weighs us down and embrace the freedom of simply 'being.' It is a positive narrative shift: not about falling apart but about letting go with grace, embracing change, and trusting that transformative moments can manifest and build in the spaces between.

The 2024 installation, Undone., commemorates this process—not as a marker of loss or failure but as a celebration of human doggedness and resilience. In many respects, the small-scale collections of pins, brooches, neck, and wall pieces are an exercise in futility, chasing an impossible ideal of love and eternal connectivity. However, despite our histories and inherent limitations, we continue to strive for infinite and unattainable validation and perfection, with each day's actions building upon the last. Through the act of repetition and care, making helps rebuild the mind and body, offering a means to make sense of the world again.

Undone. echoes the marked impact of our vulnerability and, in balance, our strength. Ultimately, the collection acknowledges that life and beauty can be found each day, rediscovered by pausing, observing, reflecting, and acting, reminding us that we can reconnect with our humanity through small yet meaningful interventions.

— Sim Lüttin, 2024
Naarm, Melbourne

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