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Sim Luttin is a Melbourne-based contemporary artist passionate about creating unique and meaningful pieces that reveal our connection to nature. Her work is inspired by her travels around the world and her 22 years of experience as a jewellery maker, craftsperson, and arts professional. Sim believes in pushing the boundaries of art and delving into year-long projects that explore the everyday and create thought-provoking conceptual bodies of work. She is proudly represented by Charon Kransen Arts in New York.
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Sim is a highly experienced and passionate curator. She has been curating for over 15 years and has worked with a variety of organisations, galleries, and spaces around Australia, UK and the USA. Sim is committed to connecting artists, particularly those who are marginalised, to the broader public and the arts sector. She has collaborated with many leading artists, craftspeople, and curators, and her exhibitions have been conceptually and visually engaging. Sim brings her creative vision and enthusiasm to every project she takes on.
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Sim's writing style is characterised by its clarity and insight. She has the ability to articulate complex art ideas in a way that is both challenging and accessible to a wide audience. Sim is committed to giving voice to artists and making their work more widely visible. Through her writing, she aims to foster a deeper understanding of the ways in which art can be used to communicate meaningful ideas. Her writing has been featured in a range of different publications and websites, and she is always looking for new opportunities to contribute to the conversation around art and creativity.


Sim is highly organised and utilises project management best practices to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. She is adept at creating project plans, managing timelines, and coordinating with stakeholders to ensure successful project outcomes. Sim is a great asset for any artist or organisation looking to manage their projects with efficiency and professionalism.
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Sim has a deep knowledge of the visual arts, craft, and design sectors and a wealth of experience in exhibition curation, gallery management, and art education. Sim is dedicated to promoting the work of emerging and established practitioners and is passionate about creating meaningful connections between practitioners and the public. Sim believes that the arts have the power to transform communities and works to provide access to art of all kinds. Sim also has a strong interest in art history and theory, and strives to create meaningful dialogues around the arts in the contemporary world.


Sim has dedicated time to learning about publicity and communications outside her creative practice. In a small organisation. You learn on the hop, often having to work intuitively, which can lead to unexpected and innovative outcomes. From writing media releases to setting up, developing, and managing organisational social media profiles, Sim has learned how to develop audiences for her practice and for organisations she has worked for.
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Grant writing is an essential skill for artists. It helps them to develop larger projects and advance their careers. It is also important for arts organisations, as grants can provide vital funding to support their work. Sim has extensive experience in grant writing. She has written successful grant applications for organisations and individuals.
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Sim is experienced in website management and has created, managed and co-managed numerous websites for artist projects and arts organisations, including her own. She ensures that each website is accessible, organised and visually appealing. 


When developing your arts policy, it's important to be mindful of best practices, relevant legislation, and the interests of stakeholders. This means taking into account the needs of stakeholders, such as funders, sponsors, and audience members. Additionally, it's crucial to ensure you're considering the needs of your artist and team members. As your art practice and organisation evolves, so should your policies and procedures.
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