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An installation of miniature 'horse and jockey' rings portraying the finish of the 2010 Melbourne Cup.

The 'Emirates Melbourne Cup' is an 18-carat gold trophy and one of the most identifiable sporting trophies anywhere in the world. It is a national icon embedded in Australia's cultural fabric.


And so, 'The Melbourne Cup, its focus on sporting triumph, also maintains a strong metalsmithing history. Originally manufactured by Drummonds Jewellers and handmade by James W. Steeth and Son. Maurice Steeth took over manufacturing the Cup from his father following Maurice's death and was left to his assistant "Lucky" Rocca to continue the tradition. In 1980, the making of the Cup was entrusted to Hardy Brothers Jewellers, and the same processes commenced in 1919 are still adopted today. The Cup is made of 34 pieces of gold metal hand-beaten over 200 hours.


Horses For Courses was a celebration of sorts. Hand-crafted like the cup itself, this collection paid homage not to the winner of the race or to the sport itself but instead reflected on the traditions of craft and the small things created to mark celebratory moments in life.


Horses For Courses was exhibited as part of the group exhibition Extra Extra at J-Studios in 2011.





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