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The end of a busy year fast approaches and it has been a constant struggle to balance my studio work with gallery and exhibitions management at Arts Project Australia, not to mention all the exhibition openings and catchups with friends and family. All things are wonderful things to be doing and at the same time they compete (in a good way) for my attention and time.

And so, I cook, clean and re-arrange my artwork and crockery when I need some 'down time', as sitting still for me is challenging at the best of times. When I am actively working on something repetitive my mind happily wanders. The crockery pictured once belonged to my nan and were handed down to me. Instead of tucking them away I decided to use them, wearing down the gold lustre so that all that is left is the light yellow plate and some faded lines.

The cleaning and re-arranging of these things is somewhat therapeutic - I get lost in the rhythm, and all the while I dream up things to make in the studio. While this 'pottering' helps clear the mind and can be a very creative time, it can lead to obsession (or perhaps procrastination?). So, I have had to curb my cooking/cleaning/re-arranging and instead focus on my studio work and building this website. Just as well, or these things would never have finished.


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