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I recently took a trip up to Mt Hotham, friends in tow, to spend a few days taking in the mountain landscape over New Years from the comfort of the Austen Alpine lodge. The view was spectacular, and the weather was clear and sunny for the entire holiday.

I thought about the way I seem to forget the overwhelming power of the mountains when I am back in Melbourne. I am now beginning to reflect on the fact that I am deeply connected to this place and that the mountains (and particularly the lodge) hold a special place in my heart.

In the late 1960's and early 70's my dad along with friends from BHP research laboratories pooled their funds, acquired a lease on Mt Hotham and built a ski lodge. Because they couldn't afford a builder they built it themselves and the member-based lodge continues today. Some of the most spectacular views in Victoria can be seen from the lodge balcony and you only need to spend 5 minutes outside before you become mesmerised by the beauty of the land.


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