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In addition to making jewellery, I love good food. I recently discovered the beautiful website and food blog by Emiko Davies. An artist by trade and food lover by passion, Emiko captures the wonderful flavours of Florence, Tuscany with such vividness, describing recipes through a wonderful, personal narrative.

One of the first things I read on Emiko's blog was 'Orecchiette con Broccoli: The way to a man's heart', which describes the first time she cooked for her (now) husband. It's such a romantic story about food and the way it can help connect people - even if they don't like broccoli!

Back in my world between work, my studio, family and social life I often cook at home for Tyson, while also looking for any excuse to invite friends over for a spontaneous dinner party. I find cooking calming and extremely enjoyable, especially when partnered with good company and a few bottles of vino.

The kitchen at home is so great to cook in - it is so spacious and has a fabulous oven and stovetop, as well as being open plan so you can have a chat while cooking.

I now work with Emiko at Arts Project Australia, so with any luck, I may be able to entice her and her husband Marco to come over and indulge their passion for cooking in my fabulous kitchen.


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