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When I recently visited the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania, my favourite artwork was Tracing Time created by Claire Morgan. I stood still - transfixed by the beauty and stillness of this piece. A moment captured in time that was so moving and compelling to me. The image of this piece often pops back into my mind and usually when I have literally stopped and given myself space to think.

It is well known that MONA explores life and death with a confronting and arguably 'shock-jock' approach. And yet, of all the work I experienced (some i really liked and some I was quite ambivalent about) this piece stood out and really spoke to me. I left thinking about it - in the context of all the artwork and the many juxtapositions presented, and was truly stirred by what is potentially the quietest artwork in the collection. This is interesting to me. That quite statements can speak such volumes and resonate so strongly at a time when there is so much noise out there in the art and wider world.

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