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I just saw William Kentridge's: Five Themes retrospective at ACMI and was blown away. Having recently travelled form San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Kentridge's work explores social and political issues in South Africa, which more broadly reflects universal societal issues and concerns. If you haven't seen Five Themes you MUST - it closes next Sunday 27 May 2012.

William Kentridge's work is dark, poetic and profoundly moving. From the moment I walked down into the exhibition space, I was submerged in artwork of all kinds; charcoal drawings, film, animation, shadow puppets, theatre, performance art etc. Kentridge's work employs complex layering of complimentary media to create poetic narratives that often explore themes of discrimination and oppression during years of Apartheid in South Africa.

Kentridge's artistic mastery and conceptual talent amplifies the potency of the meaning embedded in the South African-centric social and political landscapes he creates. His work echoes concerns relevant to current modern culture; it challenges the audience to reflect on universal truths about the human condition through a variety of artistic mediums and lenses.

Online site The Vine says, "Across various artforms, and across the five primary themes of his life's artistic output, Kentridge's work takes a startlingly direct look at the human gaze, and speaks to its audience on every layer".

I couldn't agree more.


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