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Often as I am working in the studio at my bench my mind opens up and wonders to past events and memories that evoke deep nostalgia. I seem to be a locked in to thinking this way and being in a constant cycle of melancholy. It's not hard to see why my current series continues to explore these themes.

Today I couldn't stop thinking about how time is racing along and that I cannot possibly fit all the things I want to make on do into the little time I have left. I don't mean that to sound too morbid or anything. It's just that I want to do a lot of things like start my own business, spend more time making art jewellery pieces, researching areas such as melancholy, reading, exploring many things and so little time.

The detail of the piece pictured is of Bidding Adieu and is a piece that I think strongly evokes melancholy. There is a beauty in this piece that hints at something past; perhaps something that was never even there to begin with.


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