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In December, I invited a few friends to pop in to my (new) studio in High St Northcote. This was a small gathering to view new work and clear the drawers of previous, jewellery pieces that are not found in galleries in Melbourne.

I displayed the work on a retro architecture drafting table that my friend Emily gave/loaned me before she moved to Mt Isa. I painted the tabletop white, placed some beautiful flowers and plant material in the center and grouped small installations of work around the outside.

The sale included several remaining 'Piece-a-Day' pieces from the collection that were created one a day over 366 days during 2007-08, having started on my 30th birthday. It was lovely to see those who popped in for a glass of bubbly and thank you to those who took home a piece of hand-made, one off jewellery.


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