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Today I am very excited to officially launch my new website, designed by 3sidedsquare. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this project with Lee and Locky, who have really captured what I was looking for in a beautiful, new and dynamic site. They have done a FABULOUS job and I can’t thank them enough.

The process over the past 5 or so months was really enjoyable, especially given they’re extremely creative, easy to work with and are basically very nice guys.

In addition, the website would never have reached its full potential without the Australia Council for the Arts, who helped fund the project through a recent Artstart Grant. And I never would have got this far without the pro-bono assistance of graphic designer Jeff Hanson, who is now Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at SUU in the States. Jeff was a fellow Masters student and designed and built my first website that I loved and got lots of great feedback from.

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