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Sue Lorraine Exhib @ Gray St

I really want to see Sue Lorraine's exhibition Cabinet at Gray St Workshop Gallery and if I were in Adelaide, especially at the time of the opening, I would.

I love her work and more specifically, her impeccable craftsmanship.

Sue Lorraine is one of my 'pedestal people', which is a term I give to craftspeople whose work I most admire. As an undergraduate student at RMIT looking to make my next creative/developmental step in the contemporary jewellery world, Sue took a leap of faith and selected me to join the metals studio as an associate at the JamFactory: Contemporary Craft and Design. Sue was the Creative Director at that time and there I learned some of my hardest lessons about the commitment and dedication it would take to carve a career in the art jewellery world.

With Sue as my mentor, this was the time and place where I honed my (now notorious) work ethic. Sue's focus and dedication to nurturing and developing the careers of her associates, was what pushed me to strive for greater things in my own practice. So it is still with this in mind that I do wish I was at Gray St for the opening of her show on Thursday 1 March. And as I cannot be there, I hope many travel down to look at the work of this incredible maker and co-founder of Gray St.


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