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>> OPENING Thu 18 Oct from 6pm

>> EXHIBITION: 19 Oct — 1 Dec 2012

Following on from a successful group exhibition in San Francisco,unnatural acts will be showcased at Craft (formerly Craft Victoria) in October 2012.

Curated by Lauren Simeoni & Melinda Young, the exhibition features jewellery work that has evolved from Simeoni and Young's 'unnatural, Naturally' exhibition concept and features the work of eight Australian jewellers: Anna Davern, Caz Guiney, Kath Inglis, Bridget Kennedy, Peta Kruger, Sim Luttin, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska and Mark Vaarwerk.

Projects that are theme-bas can often be kitch, as well intentioned as they may be. In this instance, Simeoni and Young have given this project great consideration and approached it with a playfulness that is infectious and hard to resist.

Simeoni & Young commented that "Each artist in unnatural acts was sent a bag of materials consisting of an odd collection of fake fruits, vegetables and other plant matter. Their brief was simply to make a small collection of wearable jewellery using or responding to the contents of the bag. For most of the participants the brief required an 'unnatural act' to be performed outside of the comfort zone of their usual making. The results are diverse and exciting."

unnatural acts runs concurrently with Simeoni and Young's exhibition unnatural tendencies in Gallery One at Craft, 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne.

Photo courtesy Lauren Simeoni and Melinda Young.


Sat 20 Oct 2012 from 2pmA 'show and tell' session showcasing nine artists speaking about their inspiration and techniques. With Anna Davern, Caz Guiney, Lucy James, Sim Luttin, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska, Lauren Simeoni, Melinda Young, Phoebe Porter (15 minutes per speaker - session times to be provided).


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