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I have been aware of Adelaide-based contemporary jewellerCatherine Truman for over 15 years and have followed and admired her art practice since I first became aware of her work all those years ago.

There are over 100 pieces in this thoughtful solo exhibition of Truman's Some Uncertain Facts, comprising found and meticulously handcrafted objects.

Some pieces you come across as you wind your way through the exhibition are functional and others are purely sculptural. Combined they create a quiet synergy of forms, which provoke and test the viewers perception of what these objects really are and where they have come from. The "crafted" blends into the "found" rather seamlessly, creating a rhythm that takes you on this natural and manmade poetic journey.Some Uncertain Facts is well worth traveling into Gallery Funaki to see and is testament to the traditions of research and craft practice.

“The works in this exhibition are a collection of forms made in relation to one another, the previous one giving the next a reason for existing. They form an installation of a kind, perhaps a never-ending conundrum of propositions. Natural and manufactured, in part and whole, they are both uncertain and assured at once.” Catherine Truman, 2012

Truman is an established contemporary jeweller who resides in Adelaide, Australia. She is a founding member and current partner of Gray Street Workshop, which is an internationally renowned artist-run workshop established in 1985 in Adelaide, South Australia.


EXHIBITION 13 Nov to 8 Dec 2012

LOCATION Gallery Funaki 4 Crossley Street, Melbourne, Australia

OPEN Tue – Fr 11am – 5pm, Sat 11am – 4pm Closed on public holidays


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