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Upcoming Exhibition in October 2013.

The past few months I have started to develop a new body of work that I'm creating for a solo exhibition at Grunwald Gallery of Art, Indiana University in America.

I'm toying with the title "These Moments Existed" and am tempted to add "(for what they're worth)", as I'm currently thinking about the relevance of an individual's everyday experience and why we, as a current Western 'social media addicted society', choose to document these moments. What importance does capturing these moments have? What does it say about my place in contemporary society and culture? Does the world really need to know what I ate/did/saw today?

And yet, as I ask these questions, I'm compelled to make my own contribution to this stream of online visual material and start a photo-a-day to document my (mundane?) everyday observation of things. So, is this a pointless exercise or does it say something about my existence, as small and meaningless as the gesture may be?


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