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Wesley Anne, Northcote

Sitting with friends while

banter breaks through the constant

droning sounds from stage.

IT'S ALWAYS DARKEST JUST BEFORE DAWN is a year long time-based digital & art jewellery project that runs 1 July 2014 - 30 June 2015. The project is a contemporary multi-disciplinary enquiry that explores the significance of handmade objects at a time when people are engrossed in digital culture and mass-produced products. IT’S ALWAYS DARKEST JUST BEFORE DAWN will pursue the creation of authentic representations, starting with digital (moving/still) documentation of my locale that will inform new and tangible, contemporary art jewellery. This daily digital archiving forms part of the research as well as acts as the foundation of the project.

Created & curated by Sim Luttin

© 2014 Sim Luttin


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