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For the past few months, and for what really seems like forever long, I have been thinking, tinkering and creating my latest daily art project IT'S ALWAYS DARKEST JUST BEFORE DAWN.

It's been a difficult project in many ways. Not in terms of creating a piece a day necessarily; I've done that twice before in other machinations. Somehow this journey has been a tough one sompared to the others. Moving through the everyday and trying to capture something in those ubiquitous, ordinary moments. It's almost like I've been fossicking around, testing the water to see if I come across a nugget of a breakthrough. Sometimes I tap into something; sometimes it feels as though I am left empty handed. But there is a constant searching and longing in the process of trying.

Time...ritual...authenticity. Melancholy thoughts woven onto the daily routine.

IT'S ALWAYS DARKEST JUST BEFORE DAWN is about that precise moment; the pause at the precipice. It's about the quiet before the new day, before the new idea--before the next moment takes flight.

This exhibition is about observing, archiving and curating my everyday: It's about repetition and obsessiveness. It's banal and poetic all at the same time. It moves from daily videos, to videos archived on Vine, to videos archived on YouTube and Vimeo, to video, haiku and video stills archived on my computer and the final objects; the 'authentic' relics.


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