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Starting the year with travel, research and a new project.

I love to travel—it's something that I forget I need until I'm away - to open my mind, think big and re-boot.

1 January 2018 marked the start of a new photo and jewellery project with the umbrella title Memory Palace. The new decade-long piece a day investigation will be divided into ten chapters, with each year marking a path of a life lived. These curated observations don't attempt to capture the perfect moment in any day—they are an effort to pause, connect and reflect.

I was fortunate enough to start 2018 in Singapore, accompanying my husband Tyson to the island city for one week. It's allowed me to start my next creative endeavour by thinking outside the box. I'm reading, researching and trying to take my fifth daily art project to a new level. So starting this somewhere outside my normal environment has been such an excellent opportunity.

With Memory Palace, each day I will step back and take the time to select one moment to capture and document it as a way to connect with life, plot a course and remember—even for the briefest moment. Then I will create collections of jewellery and objects that will act as markers to recall memories and events.

So here are the first three images that I have reflected on, selected and uploaded to start my daily habit. More on my project the Memory Palace can be read here.



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