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It's a wrap!

Without a doubt, Radiant Pavilion was a huge success. Contemporary jewellers and audiences from around Australia and abroad, descended on Melbourne to partake in the contemporary jewellery trail. The installations took visitors to galleries, down alleyways and into butcher's shops to discover new contemporary jewellery from talented makers across the country and beyond. It was such a fabulous feast and festival directors Claire McArdle and Chloë Powell should be proud of everything they achieved and instigated.

My exhibition "It's Always Darkest Just Before Dawn" was featured in the Radian Pavilion program, and was the second time the solo exhibition was shown in Australia. Presented in the Melbourne pop-up shop The Snug Space, the exhibition ran for the six days of the festival, and welcomed over 100 visitors, including several prominent contemporary jewellers whom I have long looked up to.

Here are some install shots from my Melbourne show in case you missed it!

x Sim


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