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It's been a busy work year

2016 has been a consolidation year. After moving and reflecting on what's been a busy art and craft life, it was time to look back at the past 17 years of my jewellery apprenticeship and career, before being able to look forward to the next decade. What do I want my practice to explore, say and encompass?

The main takeaway was that I want to be a maker, as well as an art professional and curator. All of it is important to who I am and what I enjoy doing. Part of it is for myself and another, important part, is to support others in the field. Striking a balance between those things is the constant challenge. And it's a good challenge to have.

So, there will be a collection of work complete by the end of 2017, and there will be exciting projects to work towards for 2017 including new jewellery and photography work, as well as collaborations.

So, watch this space!


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