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In Times of Covid-19

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

For most, the road to success is a long journey and no truer words have ever been said about people who work in the arts. No matter the discipline, following a creative path and putting oneself out there on the public stage takes guts and determination as well as passion, resilience and sacrifice. It takes aspirational thinking and long-term commitment, as well as an army of supporters, to keep a successful practice alive—and there are many ups and downs.

Artists have to be prepared to weather just about every storm that comes their way. Whether the challenge is political, social, environmental, economic, or a pandemic, artists are often the best placed to respond while also being the most vulnerable members of our community.

So far, 2020 has been very challenging, while also offering some respite from the pre-COVID unsustainable pace of life. 'Pivoting' to the new normal is an everyday occurrence that is all at once energising and exhausting. All of my energy has turned toward focusing on Arts Project Australia, as the organisation works hard to support its 150 artists to work remotely and stay connected.

My piece-a-day photography project continues on Instagram (for what it's worth) documenting banal moments from the everyday.


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